About BTI


Company Members 2023

BTI is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization created to provide the local community the best dance can offer.  Even though the company is housed at  Dance Academy of Libertyville, we are unique in that no studio affiliation is required for company members.

Company members are given the opportunity to perform in an annual full length ballet.

Our purpose is to share with our community the art of dance through the talent of our company members. We focus on enhancing the training of more serious dancers, providing them with opportunities to perform high quality productions. 

Each company member will have a chance to work with outstanding teachers and guest artists in a positive learning environment.


RAINBOW FISH                   Chloe Winkler 
LITTLE BLUE FISH             Kaili Stanczak 
OCTOPUS                  Maggie Malloy 
CRAB                           Jana Dziki 
TURTLE                      Hannah Romie 
SEA HORSES             McKenna Horvath
                                        Megan Renalds 
FLYING FISH            Gianna Colosi 
                                        Gabby Huber 
SEA GRASS                 Elizabeth Bilcox
                                        Michaela Hutchinson
                                       Karis Johnson 
                                      Malory Subrinsky 
WAVES                      Kate Gatto 
                                      Siena Greenhouse
                                     Noelle Holeczy
                                     Carey Logsdon
                                     Kaitlyn Logsdon 
                                     Liliana Weir 
JELLYFISH            Maddy Chiuve Vinci 
                                    Grace Haak 
                                    Grace Hormel
                                    Julianna Mattes
                                   Alexandra Rojas
                                   Anabella Weir